Living and Making a Difference with Covid-19

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As a marketing agency, we had to make a difference in the lives of our clients. Most businesses and companies we were working with had to make changes to the way they were running their businesses through the pandemic. We were working with some of them who had to reduce the number of people they were working with. They shut down departments and downsized, which was challenging for many people.

As a marketing company, we were creating awareness about all the changes taking place and had to keep adapting to them to get through. We were unsure about the changes that would take place in the upcoming months. However, we could work through the pandemic to get the best results from our clients. When it comes to consulting, Covid-19 had everyone staying safe during these troubling times, which allowed us to build better rapport with clients and make sure we individualized the relationships we have with them!

We had to make some changes from the way we addressed our clients in the past, and we started getting through processes during the pandemic. We truly value operating in a team-family atmosphere in the office, so making sure everyone can stay safe while also being a part of the team collaborative process has been a challenge we've welcomed with open arms!

We had to change the way that we were communicating through the pandemic. We were initially communicating digitally, but we would have times when we would get things done in person. However, with the pandemic, we've come to use more digital platforms to stay interconnected and communicate throughout the week, which has helped growth and productivity tremendously.

While most companies and businesses were working remotely, we got the most done from meeting in offices and collaborating in person. However, we had to make sure that we followed all the rules put up. We were practicing Social Distancing while also interacting interpersonally in the office. We made sure that everyone wore masks so we could keep them safe as well.

Additionally, we had no restrictions when we connected with people coming into the office and interacted with them all. We wanted to make sure that they could get through the process without too much trouble, and we would welcome them if they came for a meeting. However, they had to follow the rules at the time. Furthermore, to keep everyone safe, we have a cleaning team come in and disinfect the office every single day at the same time when everyone has left the space to make sure we are keeping cleanliness in the forefront of our mind and our focus!

We meet clients in person and travel for convenience purposes to the source. We maintained a social distance so long as interpersonal interactions are our focus. However, some clients did not want to meet us in person, and we had to make sure that we could connect with them remotely.

We would not force anyone to come and meet us in person if they were not open to it. Some clients wanted to make sure that they were safe and were not leaving their homes anyway, so we use Zoom consistently with our clients and teams. We also participate in virtual public events and business Expos to create awareness about our brand to get more done.

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